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The Redmond Airport baggage carousel sees close to 40,000 monthly inbound passengers (approx 8000,000 annual passengers in total). The audience is a perfect mix of local, regional, business and seasonal travel. Baggage claim is unique, as average wait times are about 15-20 minutes. On the opposite side of the room is a large waiting area. The Cityeo display is right in the middle, which makes it an ideal spot for engagement. The display is called Cityeo 360°. It’s a 9′ kiosk with (4) 65″ LED screens that can easily be seen throughout the room. More importantly it’s the first thing airport guests see when they enter from the terminal. Guests benefit 2 fold – one, the kiosk broadcasts events and Central Oregon information, two, we offer a complimentary city guide (and downloadable app) for folks to take to showcase local eats, events, activities, yoga studio, shopping etc….to help provide a roadmap for the best experience possible.

The guide and kiosk have proven to be an effective way to promote local products, services and community. In fact, for those merchants offering coupons, redemptions have averaged 9-12 % per month (which is pretty impressive).

Get discovered
With 15-20 minutes of engagement, Cityeo 360° is the perfect platform for promoting products, services, movie trailers, businesses, announcements, tours, events, etc… When your message has an impact with one person, it has the chance of going viral in that persons social circle. People share favorable experiences……it all starts with discovery.

We can accommodate video, photos, websites, brochures and custom templates on our kiosk.

Ways to advertise

Cityeo 360° Display Advertising
$350 /month
– Your ad displays on 2 vertical screens concurrently every minute for 12 seconds
– Average passenger wait time (for luggage) is 15-20 minutes
– Average visitor wait time (in waiting area) is 35-45 minutes
– Full page booklet ad included with 7 month contract
– Includes use of landscape panels for your community event
– Update as often as you like
– Media Format: video,  slides

Promote your event on Cityeo 360°
$75 /month
– Your event slide rotates among other community events on 2 landscape panels concurrently. Five second intervals
– Events must include specific dates

Advertise in our booklet

This very popular seasonal takeaway reaches an audience of lifestyle minded travelers, families, businesses and locals. The booklet is a handy lightweight companion for outdoor activities, shopping, food, events, yoga studios, breweries…. so folks can be treated to the best experiences Bend and Central Oregon have to offer. This is further complimented by our app and web services and is distributed from our airport kiosk, area hotels, short-term rentals and select retail locations. Businesses can also buy copies to hand out to out-of-town clients – this is a smart way to connect, share interests and build relationships.

This is the perfect, low cost solution for getting discovered.

Issues: Summer and Winter

Booklet Ad Rates per issue (8.5″ x 5.5″ booklet, full color)
$250 = 1/2 page
$400 = Full page
$800 = Back cover

Booklet Ad Rates with copies
$300 = 100 copies 1/2 page ad
$500 = 200 copies full page add
$1000 = 250 copies full page back cover

Looking for an airport solution? Check out Cityeo 360°